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Author Page

Am I conscious or waking?  Do I want to know? I have been given a gift.  Perhaps it is in my very nature, the very worst of copouts, I was born with it.  Was I?  All I know is, it happened, it keeps on happening and I don't want it to stop. 

My name is Tommy Travers, I am the bookworm other bookworms dream about.  Not only do I spend every spare moment reading books, I live inside those books.  Not in the metaphorical sense, my Gift pulls me into the story as the main character.  The world revolves around me and yet, I am subject  to the original intent of the author.  Ever learning yet never knowing if what I am doing is correct, I muddle my way through trying to stay alive and not screw things up too much.  Every once in a while I even remember to enjoy myself. 

Breaching the World of Books is not without consequence though.  I have learned the hard way that book jumping can have a very real and devastating effect on our world.  That doesn't mean I can quit.  Could you quit reading?  Me either.